A selection of some of the ‘open’ courses we will be running in the next few months:

DateCoursePrice per person(£)
TBA2 day Aerial cutting of trees using FF techniques (Unit 003923 test prep)325
TBA2 day Forest machine ops - Base machine (C&G/ NPTC Integrated Unit 002030)POA
TBA1 day Forest machine ops - Forwarder (C&G / NPTC Unit 002016 prep)POA
TBA2 day Tractor Driving for 13 - 15 year olds, novice operatorPOA
TBA1 day Principles of HACCPPOA
TBA2 day Mig Mag Welding305
TBA2 day Assisted Fell Operations (C&G / NPTC Unit 003930 prep)470
TBA3 day Severing uprooted & windblown trees using a Chainsaw (Unit 002102 prep)565
TBA3 day Installation & maintenance of Structural tree supports (C&G / NPTC Integrated Unit 002110)POA
TBA4 day Chainsaw Maintenance & Operations - Occasional User (C&G / NPTC Integrated unit 002905)490
TBA2 day Wheeled Loading ShovelPOA
TBA1 day Dealing with Individual Windblown trees (Unit CS34 refresher)285
TBA1 day Fogging, Misting & smokes (PA9 prep)POA
TBA1 day Mounted Hydraulic Operated Crane Lorry LoaderPOA
TBA1 day Bandsaw & Pillar DrillPOA
TBA3 day Thorough examination of arboricultural lifting equipment390
TBAHalf day Hand toolsPOA
TBA1 day Pedestrian RotivatorPOA
TBA3 day Felling & crown breakdown of large trees (over 760mm) C&G / NPTC Integrated Unit 002119)628
TBA3 day Aerial tree pruning (C&G / NPTC Integrated Unit 003931)628
TBA1 day BandsawPOA
TBA3 day Aerial Tree Rigging (Unit 003932 prep)565
TBA1 day Granular Applicator (PA4G test prep)POA
TBA2 day Combi Tractor MowerPOA
TBA1 day Lantra Chainsaw maintenance & crosscutting refresherPOA
TBA1 day MEWP, scissor lift refresherPOA
TBAHalf day Working at Height110
TBA3 day Tractor driving, novice operatorPOA
TBA1 day Bespoke Health & Safety coursePOA
TBA2 day ATV Sit-Astride270
TBAHalf day Leaf BlowersPOA
TBA1 day Skid Steer LoaderPOA
TBA1 day Clearing Saw270
TBA1 day Slug pellet applicator (PA4S prep)POA
TBA1 day 180 degree ExcavatorPOA
TBA1 day Ride-on RollerPOA
TBA1 day Use of a Chainsaw from a MEWP (Unit 002115 test prep)275
TBA1 day Combi tractor mower RefresherPOA
TBA1 day Chainsaw Felling medium trees refresherPOA
TBA2 day Base machine & Forwarder (unit 002042 test prep)POA
TBA1 day Dumpers, tracked or wheeled RefresherPOA
TBA1 day Shredders in Amenity Operations, Integrated training / assessment unit 001425270
TBA1 day Base machine & Forwarder refresher (Unit 002042 refresher)POA
TBA1 day Brushcutter / Trimmer (C&G / NPTC unit 001421 refresher)290
TBA2 day 4x4 Off road Driving (adverse terrain)465
TBA3 day Tree Climbing, Aerial rescue and Use of a Chainsaw using free-fall techniques (Units 003922 & 003923 Refresher)662
TBA1 day Ride-on & Pedestrian MowersPOA
TBA1 day Health & Safety: Agriculture & Horticulture180
TBA2 day Chainsaw maintenance, crosscutting & felling Refresher (to refresh Lantra ITA & Units 003920 / 003921 certificates)POA
TBA1 day Trimmer270
TBA1 day Mig & Arc weldingPOA
TBA1 day Chainsaw Maintenance & Crosscutting Refresher (Unit 003920 Refresher)POA
TBA1 day Tractor DrivingPOA
TBA1 day steps & laddersPOA
TBAHalf day Fire Marshal & Fire ExtinguisherPOA
TBA1 day Clearing saw (C&G NPTC Integrated Unit 002055)270
TBA1 day Pedestrian MowersPOA
TBA2 day Abrasive WheelsPOA
TBA1 day Mig WeldingPOA
TBA1 day Level 2 Food Safety (Basic food hygiene)POA
TBA1 day Chainsaw Maintenance & Crosscutting RefresherPOA
TBA3 day Emergency Treework Ops (C&G NPTC Unit 002105 test prep)628
TBA1 day Firewood Processors270
TBA1 day Leading & ManagingPOA
TBA1 day Transport of Animals by road, short journeys course & AssessmentPOA
TBA1 day Aerial tree rigging (Unit 002109 test prep)POA
TBA1 day Clearing saw refresher270
TBA3 day 360 degree ExcavatorPOA
TBA1 day Remote control mowerPOA
TBA1 day Responsible & effective control of RodentsPOA
TBA1 day General Winching Theory & Practice275
TBA2 day Sit-in ATV, skid steer, tracked or wheeledPOA
TBA1 day Safe use of Pesticides & Hand held applicator (Units PA1/PA6 Refresher)POA
TBA2 day Dumper, wheeledPOA
TBAHalf day Fire extinguisher trainingPOA
TBAHalf day Band SawPOA
TBA3 day Industrial Counterbalance fork lift*678
TBA1 day MEWP (scissor)POA
TBAHalf day Forestry First AidPOA
TBA1 day Granular applicator and Slug pellet applicator (PA4G & PA4S test prep)POA
TBA1 day ATV Sit-in, skid steerPOA
TBA2 day Industrial masted fork lift* (for operators with some experience)505
TBA3 day Felling Trees over 15" dia integrated training / assessment, C&G NPTC Unit 002101628
TBA2 day 360 degree ExcavatorPOA
TBA1 day Woodchipper RefresherPOA
TBA1 day Preparing and Agreeing Emergency Treework Ops (C&G NPTC integrated Unit 002104)POA
TBA1 day Hand held HedgetrimmerPOA
TBA1 day manually fed woodchipper C&G NPTC Integrated Unit 002057POA
TBA3 day Severing Uprooted & Windblown Trees (Unit 002102 test prep)POA
TBA1 day ShredderPOA
TBA1 day 360 degree Excavator RefresherPOA
TBAHalf day Manual handlingPOA
TBA1 day Field crop sprayer (PA2 test prep)POA
TBA1 day Arm mounted cutting equipmentPOA
TBA1 day StumpgrinderPOA
TBA1 day Clearing saw refresher270
TBA1 day Health & Safety & Environmental Awareness - fencingPOA
TBA1 day Ride-on MowersPOA
TBAChainsaw on/ off ground Refresher (Units 003920 / 003921 / 003922 / 003923 test prep)POA
TBA3 day RT Telescopic Lift truck, without stabilisers678
TBA1 day 360 degree ExcavatorPOA
TBA1 day ATV Sit-astride Refresher270
TBAPractical Vertebrate Trapping (external course)120
TBA1 day Weedwiper (PA2F prep)POA
TBA1 day Hedgecutter (C&G NPTC Non-independent Unit 001434)POA
TBAPCS2 Use of Sporting Rifle in agricultural pest control, RefresherPOA
TBA1 day Mowers, pedestrian, rotary/ cylinder (C&G NPTC Non-independent Unit 001435)POA
TBA1 day Safe use of pesticides (PA1 prep) & Hand held applicator (PA6 prep)POA
TBA2 day Tractor drivingPOA
TBA1 day Hedgecutter (C&G / NPTC Non-Independent Unit 001434)POA
TBA1 day ATV Sit astride270
TBA1 day Brushcutter / trimmer (C&G / NPTC Integrated Unit 001421)290
TBA1 day RT Telescopic fork lift, without stabilisers305
TBA2 day Tree climbing refresherPOA
TBA2 day RT Telescopic fork lift, without stabilisers505
TBA2 day Tree climbing refresherPOA
TBA2 day RT Telescopic fork lift, without stabilisers505
TBA1 day Highway Tree Inspection150
TBA1 day ATV Sit-in Conventional steer270
TBA1 day Application of pesticides using variable geometry Boom or broadcast sprayers (PA3 prep)POA
TBA1 day Weedwiper (PA2F prep)POA
TBA1 day Game Meat hygiene course190.8
TBA3 day Professional tree inspectionPOA
TBA1 day Abrasive wheelsPOA
TBA1 day Professional Tree Inspection Refresher180
TBA1 day Basic Tree Survey & Inspection150
TBA2 day Tree climbing refresherPOA
TBA3 day Felling Trees over 15" dia Integrated training/assessment, C&G / NPTC Unit 002101628
TBAHalf day Mists, fogs and smokes (PA9 test prep)POA
TBA1 day Principles of Off-road driving Refresher (4x4)POA
TBA1 day General Winching theory & practicePOA
TBA1 day ATV Sit-astride333
TBA2 day RT Telescopic fork lift, without stabilisers505
TBA1 day Quad bike mounted sprayer (PA2 prep)POA
TBA1 day Firearms refresherPOA
TBA1 day Tractor driving and Arm mounted cutting equipment POA
TBA1 day Counterbalance fork lift*305
TBA1 day Powered pole pruner (C&G NPTC integrated UnitPOA
TBA1 day Powered pole pruner 270
TBA1 day ATV Sit-in, skid steerPOA
TBA5 day Thorough examination of arboricultural equipment (training/assessment)775
TBA1 day Clearing saw333
TBA1 day Basic Tree Survey & Inspection150
TBA1 day Health & Safety for the workplace200
**All prices quoted exclude VAT

*Below 5 tonnes ¹Above 5 tonnes
²Below 10 tonnes ³Above 10 tonnes
**All prices quoted exclude VAT


Further courses will be added as the dates are finalised.

*Up to 9 metres

**Below 5 tonnes

***All prices quoted exclude VAT

NOTE:            This list is updated weekly.  Courses are added daily as dates are finalised.

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